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Transport of an entire drying plant ex ship Antwerp to France. The heaviest individual items featured a weight of 71 tons and 3.40m width and height.
Example drying plant
Transport of a titanium melting plant of 86 tons by air cargo charter in an Antonov 124 from San Francisco to Jekatarinenburg. The heaviest individual item featured a weight of 41 tons, width of 2.86m and height of 3.05m.
Example titanium melting plant
Entire transport procedure of several production trucks during a tour throughout Europe for several weeks incl. clearing formalities as well as loading and unloading.
Example TV production truck
This extends e.g. to transports with excess length, excess width as well as heavy load transports or other special transports. In this process we care amongst others for transport approvals, route planning, accompanied transportation. The following examples provide an insight into our service capability.
Nissin has years of experience in the field of special transports. Thanks to our international network and connections we are ideally positioned for individually designed special transports.

Higher, wider, heavier

Typical services
  • Individual planning
  • Global network of special service providers
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